100 things that make me happy

On March 20, 2018, the world marked International Day of Happiness 2018.

The theme for the celebration was Share Happiness – focusing on the importance of relationships, kindness and helping each other.

In a bid to share my happiness I have compiled a list of 100 things that make me happy. This took me on a personal journey, making me smile sometimes and wondering why I have stopped doing some of the things that actually give me joy.

I first found a similar post on Nana Ama’s blog, thanks to Keni Kodjo. I also read that of Dr AOA on her blog some years back. Today I did same. I realised more than 100 things make me happy but let’s leave it at 100.

In the spirit of sharing happiness, I have decided to also start posting on my blog more often.

Here we go the 100 things that make me happy

1. The feeling after I pray my heart out
2. Doing anything with my sister
3. Conversations with Ipapa (my father). We can talk till my Imami gets angry.
4. Talking to Ima Auntie Kotso (my grandma). Whether it’s on phone or in person. She shares a lot of family history with me
5. Seeing, talking, and doing any other thing with the children I teach in church. Even on the days I don’t want to go to church I show up because of them and they always make me smile.

6. Having fun with my younger cousins, nieces and nephews. Some of the things they say and do are just unbelievable.
7. Receiving photos of the children I love from their parents.
8. All types of conversations on the NUPS-G UCC alumni page. The hot seat especially.
9. Alerts on the Resurrection YPG WhatsApp page (alert here means when your love relationship with someone else is revealed on the page)
10. Everything about sisterhood
11. Making other people happy
12. When I go for 2nd service and we sing Ga hymns.
13. Music (different genres have different effects on me. But generally music gives me some vibe few humans can’t give me)
14. YPG meetings (I don’t like the days there are misunderstandings, but I’m always happy when meetings end on a very good note)
15. Resurrection-Praetorius competitions. (I like that now I don’t belong to any and I can laugh at both groups)
16. Hanging out with my OLA friends i.e Akpene, Christiana, Dorcas, Jemima, Mawunyo and Theresa. They are everything a fellow woman wants in a friend.
17. Happy Weddings (I often don’t want to miss the ‘you may kiss your bride’ bit)
18. Noble vessels. They are annoying to the core but they give me joy, so much joy.
19. Hymns
20. Hugs
21. Cuddles and kisses
22. Ipapa’s kamkwada (ground pepper)
23. The colours yellow and blue
24. Long and deep conversations with people I love
25. Autobiographies
26. Books
27. Listening to folklore
28. Love songs
29. Hot shower on a cold day (I hardly use cold water to bath though)
30. Palm Sunday (My children call it Hosanna) and Easter Monday processions
31. Sprite (I’m trying to stay away but it’s so difficult)
32. Clean shaven men (I’m not really a lover of beard)
33. A chocolate beverage with ginger
34. The beach (clean sandy beaches)
35. Skirts (They must be comfortable)
36. Sneakers
37. Backpacks (I’m not so much into handbags)
38. Sleeveless dresses
39. Long dresses and jumpsuits
40. Hearing someone say ‘I love you’ or similar
41. Smoothies (with banana and coconut)
42. Humans of New York
43. Lipstick (red, purple, nude, black and blue)
44. A Saturday without Imami in the house
45. Sweet text messages in the morning
46. Surprising people who mean the world to me
47. To be surprised myself (Most of my friends say I am hard to surprise, so they never try. But whoever succeeds will make me so happy)
48. Men with quirky sense of humour
49. Singing to ‘disturb’ everybody around me (I do this often in the house)
50. Petrichor
51. Poems
52. Love notes
53. Cooking meals I will enjoy
54. A man who sings and understands music
55. Comfy beds
56. My room
57. Walks (long or short)
58. Ho and Cape Coast
59. The Korle-bu community
60. Bayern Munich
61. Praises and worship from singers who do not shout
62. Dancing in private
63. When mum consoles me (she is my ‘king kong’; touch me and you won’t like her)
64. Writing
65. Heels
66. Driving my family
67. Ghanaian snacks
68. Anything plantain especially ripe ones
69. Drives with Harry
70. Waakye in all its glory (never leave wele out)
71. Kenkey or Banku with pepper or stew (not okro) and all the protein in the world
72. Birthdays of friends and family
73. Chicken
74. Ghana Jollof, oiled rice with ‘tollobeef’
75. Flat shoes
76. Redfish and tilapia
77. Vegetables (especially carrots)
78. Children’s Service Teachers Training class and evaluation
79. Scorched or burned rice (popularly referred to as kanzo)
80. Road trips
81. Ice cream

82. Libraries and bookshops
83. Gifts (books and anything thoughtful)
84. Eating with friends and family
85. Cakes and some other pastries
86. Atukwei Okai’s Poems (My favourite is Rosimaya)
87. Old Church buildings
88. University campuses
89. Making my parents proud
90. Handwritten letters and greeting cards
91. Goofing around
92. Loud and infectious laughter (Like that of Dorcas Dede Quaye)
93. Chocolate
94. Wangari Maathai’s speeches and articles
95. Money
96. When I try new things and succeed
97. Meeting new people
98. My big family
99. God. He has just been too good to me
100. Love (it’s a beautiful thing. I just need you to know that Love still exists)



16 thoughts on “100 things that make me happy

  1. Nice are the things that make u happy. I just couldn’t imagine that after all these years of being together at M. O. H. Basic School, none of us or even the entire group makes u happy. All the same, never stop doing the things that make u happy.


  2. Isister, nice write up. The 32nd point though; Ipapa’s proud mark of a gentleman. Esinam and the Tornu family loves you.


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